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Our group, Halo Paranormal Investigations a.k.a. H P I paranormal is located in Sacramento, California. We go on ghost hunts and supernatural adventures, all throughout the northern area. Our team consists of people with varying degrees of psychic abilities, occult knowledge and spiritual beliefs. Halo Paranormal Investigations is named this because we perform blessings, document each case and provide knowledge on possible causes and concerns of a haunting and paranormal activity.


HPI has been a fixture in the Sacramento community for several years, investigating thousands of cases in the area and internationally. This group is currently owned by esoteric detectives Paul Dale Roberts and Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Many of these eerie cases have been documented nationally, as well as by local media outlets, due to the level of expertise and professionalism that we uphold. 


Paul has been reading and studying the unknown since he was a young boy.His passion for the mystical world has always been within. Paul is an international expert who has been to over 59 countries to document the paranormal. He worked for military intelligence from 79-86 and saw several top secret U.F.O. photographs, making him very interested in extraterrestrials. 


From a young child, Deanna experienced the paranormal. Including encounters with U.F.O.s, angels, demons, poltergeists, vampires and ghosts. Deanna was gifted with psychic abilities as a child and carried them on into adulthood through the use of dream work, meditation and research. She experienced many hauntings as she has lived in many different cities and homes throughout the United States of America. She creatively came up with powerful rituals that were spiritual and untied to specific religions, that can help cleanse the area of negativity and evil forces. 


We have a wide variety of team members who carry scientific equipment, spiritual knowledge and historical facts of the surrounding cities. Our paranormal investigators are required to have a understanding of multiple spiritual forces. We have metaphysical cleansers and catholic blessings available for your haunted home. We are widely knowledgeable of dreams, the occult and witchcraft. 


We love helping people and documenting all of our paranormal cases. Please expect HPI on the scene to video record, journal and release your story to the public. However, you may remain secret if you wish, with the use of a fake name and no photograph. Please, tell us, if this is what you desire.You can choose to remain a phantom in our works. 


We can solve any mystery that you may have whether it be a haunting, alien activity or energy outbursts, with traditional and modern magick techniques. We are detectives looking to solve these true life paranormal mysteries.We will answer any questions that you may have, about the circumstances, to the best of our knowledge.


We recognize all religions and spiritualities and do not discriminate against any belief. Please tell us your preference when you call, so that we may better cater to your needs. If you believe in all, we can use multiple techniques to assist you. We recognize that there is comfort in the rituals of certain cultures and that peace of mind is our goal, in our supernatural service to you.


Our services are free to the Sacramento and surrounding California areas. You may donate if you wish but, it is not required. Your donations go towards spiritual supplies, as every family is left with an abundance of these. We promise to bring answers, healing and peace of mind to you and your family.

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